The Crackerjacks

The Crackerjacks

(Action), R-rated material, 104 pages.

A bounty hunter teams up with his fugitive to bring down a crime syndicate.

This was specifically designed as an ode to 80's action buddy films with lots of chaos and mayhem with enough plot to keep everything rolling along swiftly.


Boulevard of Broken Faces

(Film Noir), Hard-R-rated material, 101 pages.

A retired cop hell bent on avenging his sister’s death turns to vigilante justice by holding smalltime criminals hostage in a local bar, but two corrupt patrol officers roll up onto the scene to claim ownership of a stack of money hidden somewhere on the premises. The criminals are forced to join up with the ex-cop to fend off the dirty patrol officers to a bloody showdown.

On Christmas Eve an ex-cop turning to vigilante justice enters a bar owned by a well-known local crime lord to avenge his sister's death. A haphazard fire fight breaks out leaving a nine-month pregnant woman injured requiring an emergency c-section. The criminals and the ex-cop band together to deliver the baby. Two patrol officers with wicked reputations arrive to steal the money from the crime lord's safe. Holed up in the bar, the ex-cop and the criminals fend off the dirty cops while trying to give birth.

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(Sci-fi), PG-13-rated material, 128 Pages.

Logine: A disbanded group of misfit pilots and soldiers based on junk depot on the Saturn moon Pandora discover a battle damaged personnel carrier full of elite super soldiers. They soon realize there is a conspiracy amiss knowing these elite soldiers are outlawed by the warring entities. The misfits head off to uncover the mystery of this crashlanding and realize that the human race itself is at risk of total extinction.

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Island Macabre

Island Macabre

(Adventure/Horror), PG-13-rated material, 108 Pages.

Logline: Three treasure hunters are shipwrecked on an island full of samurai undead.

Synopsis: Two friends, an occult specialist and a university professor, hire a smuggler to take them to a mysterious island to seek out a rare samurai sword. The smuggler, Orion, is said to be the only survivor of a mysterious haunted island somewhere in the Philippine Sea from which no one has ever returned. The island itself was written out of history books and purposely left off the maps. As the occult grapevine has it, it's said to be where the last samurai clan was banished by the Japanese government near the turn of the 20th Century. The university professor, Pr. Teach, is seeking out the Blood Saber of the Last Samurai Clan which he's been looking for all of his life. The occult specialist, Rooke, who also happens to own an occult book shop stumbles upon a rare book that shows the map of Island Macabre and wants to document the island for her own book she's compiling.

Orion takes them to the island where they immediately run smack-dab into a squall and are ambushed by pirates that prey on cargo ships. But during the ambush, they all wind up shipwrecked on Island Macabre. As Orion and company escape into the island they come face to face with a modern city that is completely devoid of life. This was something that wasn't around on Orion's first trip. But as it appears, the island once had a civilization that was killed off, on or about a year ago, according to the last newspaper in the vending machine. It's soon realized that the last samurai clan may have awaken. So, on the run from pirates, undead samurai and surviving the elements, the hero trio, set off to find Teach's saber and brave the elements of Island Macabre.

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The X-ray Eye Society

(Family-Mystery) PG-13-rated material, 102 Pages.

Logline: Children are being replaced by their own reflections who serve an aged magician wrongfully banished to an alternate dimension. A neighborhood detective agency made up of misfit kids seek out the mystery of these doppelgangers.

Synopsis: Rocky Greensmoke was once this great illusionist and loved by all children in the late 1800’s. His gimmick was explaining his tricks afterwards which violated the Magician’s Oath. A group of poor and starving magicians banded together and exiled him to an alternate dimension. Today, Greensmoke sits silently plotting his revenge on the descendants of those magicians. Enter, The X-ray Eye Society. A ragtag group of misfit kids begin their search for some missing neighborhood children, but soon discover those missing children have returned as doppelgangers and serve one Rocky Greensmoke. The X-ray Eye Society soon realize this case is much bigger than they expected. They fear that because of Greensmoke’s lengthy imprisonment he is no longer human and may have a larger plot in store.

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The Horrors of Frank Ackerman

(Horror-Comedy) Hard-R Material, 98 Pages.

Supernatural troubleshooter, Frank Ackerman, takes on a clan of rogue vampires bent on bringing on Armageddon. Frank once again teams up with his faithful sidekick, Luie, The Prince of Darkness himself, and a foxy book nerd to foil the vamps' malicious plan.

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Feeding Frenzy

(Horror-Comedy) Hard-R Material, 88 pages.

A forgotten cargo ghost ship carrying supernatural artifacts has been overrun by a contaminated crew of ravenous undead.  The ship beaches itself on the coast of Santa Monica smack-dab in the middle of the night.  The only people around are a graveyard shift gas station attendant, Roscoe Hesslick and a mobile kitchen driver, Strange Stanley.  They're ready to pack it in for the night until they get a distress call from someone needing their help.  They discover an encroaching horde of undead chowing down on the locals and making their way inland.  The authorities are incapacitated.  The military is useless.  It's up to Hesslick and Strange Stanley to save us all.

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Dead Meat

(Punk noir) Hard-R Material, 119 Pages.

A small band of rebels jilted by a fast food empire is given one last shot at taking it down before global domination.

Meatier World, a fast food empire, has taken over every facet of politics, economics and entertainment and is bent on total globalization, but something is amiss. People are oddly addicted to Meatier Burgers, the TV shows, the games, people are disappearing. Renaissance Man, Claymore Everbilt and freelance anarchist, Popcorn Rockaway, try to bring it all down.

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